Change is Happening at Texas Tradition Photography|Carrollton, Texas

It’s not a secret any more.  We have been in a season of change for the last couple of years.  I’m not just talking about Texas Tradition Photography or the Manis family, but the entire photography industry.  Which makes perfect sense.  Technology has been improving at a rate faster than most industry people can handle. Unfortunately, if you don’t continue to educate yourself and move forward with technology, you will get left behind.
I don’t mind telling you… I REFUSE TO GET LEFT BEHIND.  I have loved photography since high school and nothing has changed. So, let’s be clear, I’m not going anywhere… well not very far anyway.
After much thought… and I mean MUCH thought, we have decided to downsize our Texas Tradition Photography headquarters.  We have been in this amazing home/studio for 16 years and it has served us well.  However, my family has changed, and my desire to clean WAY more rooms than we use has changed… so… it’s time to for US to change.
If you have driven past our house, you have seen our FOR SALE sign out front  It’s sad, but it’s a sign of progress.  And progress means moving forward.  We don’t know where we are going yet, but it will be somewhere in this area and we will let you know as soon as we know.
We will continue to create our amazing portraits during our transition time.  With the exception of how clean everything is, you might not even notice.
Thank you for reading, Lisa

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