Is your glass half full or half empty?|Carrollton Photographer wants to know.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
The real question is…  Aren’t you glad you even have a glass? Let’s face it, it has been a rough year for everyone (us included) but I choose to always be grateful for everything I have… even if it’s just a glass.
I feel the same way about family. Maybe you have had to limit the time you spend with extended family this year, but they have still been there to help you through all of this. 
Let’s Celebrate our family with a family portrait this year. Maybe you have been putting it off because you have been too busy, or think you are a few pounds over where you think you should be, or don’t have the energy to buy clothes… Those are all valid reasons, but THIS year is different! We have a little more time, I LOVE photoshop and can take off a few pounds, and I’m pretty sure we an find something in your closet that looks amazing. And if we can’t, then we will get a big fun blanket and wrap your entire family in it…. problem solved.
So, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time. No excuses. We have made it super easy for you. Pick a date below, we already have a park picked out… it’s easy.  Let us help you.
A great family portrait begins with a great family portrait session.  And the way to achieve that, is to start planning RIGHT NOW! So, before you go any further, give us a call and get on our calendar for either our Portrait in the Park Event or our Home for the Holiday Event.  Details for both of these events are below.
Have questions about what to wear? Check out our previous blog posts for tips.
I hope this is some good information.  If you still need help, give me a call.  That’s what I’m here for.  You can also check out our website for some other examples.
Grab your family calendar and let’s get this party started!!
Thank you for reading, Lisa
Here it is…
our 2020 Portraits in the Park Schedule.
For those of you new to our annual Portraits in the Park Event, here is a quick overview. October and November are usually beautiful months to schedule a family portrait for a couple of reasons. First, the weather is a little cooler and second the portraits will be ready just in time for holiday gift giving. Plus your new wall portrait can be hanging for all of your holiday gatherings. 
Why are we able to offer such a great session fee? Well, there are WAY more of YOU than there are of ME. So, I choose a park and schedule families one after the other on the same day and it works out for everyone. I’m able to get in a “groove” and not spend so much time driving from place to place. It’s a win/win. You get a better price and I get a better schedule.
If you have something different in mind, we still do regular portrait sessions during the holidays, just not on Portraits in the Park days.  I LOVE creative ideas, give me a call and we can chat about it. 
Portraits in the Park
($99 session fee plus $50 goes toward your order)
Saturday November 7th (3 spots left)
Sunday November 15th (3 spots left)
Sunday November 22nd (5 spots left)
Home for the Holidays
($125 session fee plus $50 goes toward your order)
Monday November 23rd (1 spot left)
Tuesday November 24th
Wednesday November 25th
Saturday November 28th (3 spots left)
the entire month of December
Booking your session is easy! Here are the details!
The details are simple!
Grab your calendar
Pick a Portrait in the Park date
Follow these steps
1. Call 972-492-2983 or email us to schedule your session
2. Pay the session fee (you will receive a $50 credit toward your portrait order)
3. extend our special to a friend and receive an additional $50 credit toward your order
4. Start planning your clothing. (let me know if you need help)

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to email us your name, how many members in your family and the dates that work for you. We will contact you and chat about clothing, your family’s personalities and of course scheduling. Hurry, we have a limited amount of Portraits in the Park appointment times and they are filling up fast.
972-492-2983(call us anytime for any reason)

Check out our website, blog, Instagram and Texas Tradition Photography Facebook page for some samples of our portrait images. AND THEN… email or call us! We will set a time for YOUR family in the park.

2021 Seniors! We have not forgotten about you! We have saved some valuable days to schedule your senior portrait session during the holiday breaks. We know school is busy and takes up most of your free time, so double check your schedule and contact us NOW so we can save you a date. The weather will probably be crisp and cool and perfect sweaters and jacket and winter boots.
Click HERE to email us your name, school and some possible dates that work for you. We will contact you and chat about location ideas, style ideas and of course scheduling. Hurry, we have a limited amount of days in our break.

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