She Said Yes!!! – Dallas Wedding Photographer

Right around Thanksgiving time, I got a call from a long time client with some great news.  She was super excited to tell me that her daughter was getting engaged. If you know this mom, you know she struggled to tell me this without crying!! Everything she does is BIG and PASSIONATE! After all, why do something if it isn’t going to be the best it can be? Besides, this is her only daughter.  And this guy… well he is definitely “the one”.

So, with his permission, she scheduled me to be hiding out at the location where he was going to propose to her. We had everything orchestrated so I knew exactly when they would arrive and where they would be when he dropped down on his knee.

1 Carrollton Engagement portraitsWhen I arrived, I saw the mom, Debra and the groom’s mom in the Gazebo decorating with some beautiful rose petals and roses.  The Gazebo was already decorated for Christmas, so it was absolutely breath taking. As they arrived and were walking toward the gazebo, I was hiding behind a big white Van in the parking lot.  (along with the rest of the family)2 Frisco engagement portraitsAlyssa and Joseph are high school sweet hearts. He absolutely adores her! She was completely caught off guard.  She had no idea that tonight was “the night”.3 Dallas engagement portraitsAnd SHE absolutely adores him! The ring was beautiful!4 Plano engagement portraitsThey make each other laugh. (especially when the whole family is watching you get engaged to the love of your life)5 Carrollton  wedding photographerThis is the start of an amazing love story!6MG_1363What a lucky girl! 7MG_2114And now… all I have to say… is look out Carrollton!!!  Debra is planning a wedding!8MG_2101Alyssa and Joseph, thank you for inviting me to your proposal!  I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

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