Lead by Example

Working with High School Seniors opens a lot of opportunities for helping and encouraging our next generation.  With social media and up to date news at our fingertips, our teens and kids are overwhelmed with information and opinions that may or may not be constructive. Our teens and kids are sometimes held to unrealistic expectations by social media. This is just our new normal.  We as adults have to rally together to pitch in where we can to help them sort out what is real and important and what is just fluff.

I find a true calling to help these teens see the beauty within themselves.  But, also as a trusted adult in their community, I strive to lead by example.  I run into my seniors and teen clients all over town. Sometimes, I pass them on the streets in our cars, or at a store while they are working their first job or at school functions. Where ever we are, I want them to see me leading by example.  They will never see me texting and driving, or checking email or text messages while having a face to face conversation with someone or sharing negative gossip. Sometimes it’s what you AREN’T doing that speaks the loudest and makes the biggest impact. If these teens see us adults treating others with respect, they will join in.  Remember the “golden rule” we were taught in preschool?

Let’s all do our part to help this next generation thrive.  They are our future! And our future looks bright.

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