Senior Models Round 2- Adventures of a Carrollton Senior Portrait Photographer

We’ve already introduced you to half of our stylish models, now we’re ready to introduce the rest of the trendy group!

Drum roll please!

Brynn is a senior at Hebron, and we LOVE her! This outfit is perfect because it has a nice punch of color. Plus, Brynn accesorized with a matching cuff and boots to make the look complete. Simple style is the most impressive! As Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

We love Taylor’s dress. It has a simple silhouette but the geometric pattern is what makes it special. This dress didn’t need any accesories, the pattern was bold enough to stand alone.

Patrick went with something casual that really brought out his eyes, and he definitely knows how to smile. Though that might just be because he’s the only guy, lucky him!

Kelsey went really bold with the color of her dress and finished the look off with nuetrals. Her bone colored espadrilles look great and are super versatile, add in some beautiful natural make-up and you have a fantastic look!

I am head over heels in LOVE with Katie’s chevron shirt. Plus Katie didn’t just stop there. Instead of going the super easy route and choosing an inexpensive looking pair of flip flops, she chose an adorable sandal with bronze colored beading. The simplest way to make an outfit a success is adding the right pair of shoes!

Picking just one image of Caitie was really hard, she photographs so well! I ended up choosing this one because it shows off her amazing eyes. Caitie’s make-up is simple, but highlights her features perfectly. A lot of people go over the top on make-up for pictures, if you choose just one feature to accentuate you’ll get pictures as beautiful as Caitie’s!

If you’re a 2014 Senior and know any of these amazing models, keep an eye out! Pretty soon they’ll have something to give you for your Senior Portraits at Texas Tradition Photography!

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