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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your sweetheart.  It’s also for your 2019 High School Senior. If you are looking for creative yet classic senior photography, you have come to the right place.  We bridge the gap between High School Seniors and their parents.  We can make you both happy!  We LOVE crazy, playful, FULL personality style images that we know our seniors crave, but we also adore catching classic portraits that we know the parents will cherish for decades. Yes, you can have both.

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Details:  We will be drawing for winners on Friday February 15th, 2019.

First place prize:  An Extreme Senior Portrait Session (value $175) plus $100 towards your order.  You must be photographed by March 30th, 2019.

Three 2nd place prizes:  Either a Studio Senior Portrait Session OR a Location Senior Portrait Session (value $95) Plus $50 towards your order.  You must be photographed by March 30th, 2019.

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Do you love your North Dallas 2019 Senior? Then you will love this!

Now more than ever, high school seniors are looking for custom senior portraits that are creative and show off their personality.  However, you (the parent) are drawn more to the classic “looking at the camera” style.  What if I told you we could help you with this?  Yes, that’s right we do both!

We want you and your senior to feel confident in your senior session. This is a BIG part of their senior year and we want it to be perfect for both of you.  The simple fact that you are here reading this tells me that you value this experience and want the best for your senior.  We are on the home stretch, only a few months to go before graduation.

Check out this amazing 2019 senior give away! Enter below to win one of our 4 prizes AND join our senior newsletter list.

Details:  We will be drawing for winners on January 2nd.

First place prize: An Extreme Senior portrait Session (value $175) plus $100 towards your order. You must be photographed by March 10th, 2019

Three 2nd place prizes: Either a Studio Senior Portrait Session OR a Location Senior Portrait Session (value $95) Plus $50 towards your order. You must be photographed by March 10th, 2019

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Carrollton Wedding Photographer travels to South Fork Colorado for a destination wedding

Last year when my very dear friend asked me what I was doing the weekend of October 19th 2014, I hesitated. I like to know what someone wants me to do BEFORE I answer a question like that.  Well, the answer was I’M OPEN after I heard what she wanted me to do. Her daughter was getting married and they wanted me to travel to South Fork Colorado to photograph the wedding.

I thought the day would never come since we booked everything a year in advance.  But, finally the day came for me to board the plane. It was a LITTLE plane. And the little plane didn’t have room for my LITTLE bag full of photography equipment.  I had to turn on my charm to get the flight attendant to agree to put my bag in the closet that the attendants keep their belongings in. Since I don’t travel much, I don’t know what most professional photographers do with their equipment, but I sure wasn’t letting it out of my sight, much less let them toss my bag in with the other luggage.

Once we (the brides dad, sister, grandma and I) landed in Durango, Co, got a rental car and had lunch, we drove 2 hours to South Fork. The trees were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get my camera out.

The morning of the rehearsal dinner, the Bride’s mom, Ann asked me what I wanted to do.  We didn’t need to be to the rehearsal until 2pm, so we had some time to sight see.  She said we could do anything I wanted. Once I made sure she wouldn’t go back on her word, I told her I wanted to do some photographs of just her and her husband before the attention turned over to their daughter.

Now, I know all of you think that a wedding is all about the bride and the groom.  And it is! It’s their very special day.  But, if you really pay attention at a wedding you will see a whole other story start to unfold. This mom and dad started out this same exact way some twenty-ish years ago. And during the last year or so, they have been watching their daughter fall in love with this man. So, tomorrow, Sunday October 19th, 2014, their daughter will marry this wonderful young man. This will be the start of her new family. This is a very exciting day! It really is, but, if you look into the eyes of her mom and dad tomorrow, there will be SO much unconditional love, SO much pride and SO much joy, that they will be over flowing with emotion.  They will be sad that this chapter in their life is over, but joyous about the new one starting. I’m sure they are wondering how it can be that their first born daughter is already getting married.

So, before the festivities begin tomorrow, I want to say to my VERY dear friends Ann and Eddy, I love you two very much, I’m SO proud of you for raising such a beautiful daughter, and thank you for including me in this unforgettable weekend. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

destination wedding

Dallas Wedding Couple Jennifer and John Tie the Knot on Valentines Day at The Old Bedford School

It has been rumored that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year.  Once you take a look at Jennifer and John’s Valentine’s Day wedding, you will know FOR SURE that it was their most romantic day EVER!


The beautiful floral arrangements were created by my very good friend and floral designer Kevin May from May Flowers and Gifts. (shameless plug 214-507-2837) The bride was very excited when she saw how amazing they looked.


The red and white Valentine Theme was very romantic. The bride seems to have a BIG heart!


The Old Bedford School was full of historical things. Every direction you turned, there was more to see.  The backgrounds were limitless.


The Bride and Groom decided to have a first look in the class room. You should have seen John’s eyes light up when he saw his bride for the first time. She was stunning!


Jennifer and John met back in 1988 when they went to school together.  They used to pass notes back and forth during class.


YAY!!  He said yes!


It is very easy to tell these two are crazy in love. John couldn’t take his eyes off his bride.


The Ceremony was beautiful!  I just loved these “love” blocks on the alter.


The Bedford School has incredible character. We could have photographed this couple all night!


Gorgeous couple, Gorgeous Venue!


The Catering and the Cake were prepared by Sweet Memories.  The presentation and the food were perfect.


After a romantic private dance…


The happy couple made their exit through some wavy glow sticks. And then the most unexpected thing happened…


They gave us a box of Turtle Chocolates!!!  Alyssa and I had a very “sweet” ride home.

Senior Models Round 2- Adventures of a Carrollton Senior Portrait Photographer

We’ve already introduced you to half of our stylish models, now we’re ready to introduce the rest of the trendy group!

Drum roll please!

Brynn is a senior at Hebron, and we LOVE her! This outfit is perfect because it has a nice punch of color. Plus, Brynn accesorized with a matching cuff and boots to make the look complete. Simple style is the most impressive! As Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

We love Taylor’s dress. It has a simple silhouette but the geometric pattern is what makes it special. This dress didn’t need any accesories, the pattern was bold enough to stand alone.

Patrick went with something casual that really brought out his eyes, and he definitely knows how to smile. Though that might just be because he’s the only guy, lucky him!

Kelsey went really bold with the color of her dress and finished the look off with nuetrals. Her bone colored espadrilles look great and are super versatile, add in some beautiful natural make-up and you have a fantastic look!

I am head over heels in LOVE with Katie’s chevron shirt. Plus Katie didn’t just stop there. Instead of going the super easy route and choosing an inexpensive looking pair of flip flops, she chose an adorable sandal with bronze colored beading. The simplest way to make an outfit a success is adding the right pair of shoes!

Picking just one image of Caitie was really hard, she photographs so well! I ended up choosing this one because it shows off her amazing eyes. Caitie’s make-up is simple, but highlights her features perfectly. A lot of people go over the top on make-up for pictures, if you choose just one feature to accentuate you’ll get pictures as beautiful as Caitie’s!

If you’re a 2014 Senior and know any of these amazing models, keep an eye out! Pretty soon they’ll have something to give you for your Senior Portraits at Texas Tradition Photography!