Tips for working from home

I wouldn’t call myself an expert at many things, but I have been working from home for 20 years and that puts me right up there with the big dogs. I thought I would share some helpful tips and company policies that have helped me adjust to life at home.

  1. Create a dedicated work space. Keep it free from personal things and distractions. I have an office up stairs, so I can shut the door when I’m “closed”. It is also good to teach your “co-workers” that when you are in your work space, you need to focus and have few to no interruptions.CoWorkerHeader-1
  2. Start your morning just like you would if you were headed somewhere else to work.  Get up at the same time every day, do your morning workout, shower, get dressed and make your bed. This might sound silly since you are working from home and you are not allowed to have any visitors. However, keeping a schedule and getting all dolled up makes you feel good about yourself and starts your day off on a positive note. (and when you come home from work, it is always comforting to get into a made up bed.

    3. One of my distractions is house work. So, I have found, that if I do about 30 minutes of house work every morning before I go to my office, I won’t be thinking about it all day. This also includes deciding what is for dinner and either taking it out of the freezer or putting something in the crock pot.

    4. One VERY hard thing to learn is that you only eat at regular scheduled meals.  When I go upstairs to my office, I take a glass (with a lid) of water with me. I don’t snack before lunch, so if I’m hungry early, I just go down and eat lunch early. After lunch, I ALWAYS need a snack. And by snack I mean CHOCOLATE. But, I don’t take it upstairs with me after lunch.  I make myself walk back down the stairs to get it. That is just  something I do to “justify” eating my chocolate… I at least took an extra trip down the stairs for it.

5. Focus, I try not to do personal stuff during work time. Now, on days when my                   brain is tired, or it is REALLY  beautiful outside, I will finish work early and take                 some personal time. The last picture is me learning the tictok dance up the stairs.

I hope this helps. I know working from home is a big adjustment. But, be grateful that you have that opportunity. The alternative is probably to be laid off and that would be worse. (I’m actually somewhere in the middle). My business is considered non-essential so I’m not allowed to leave the house to photograph, but I can still work. (which doesn’t bring in any income) If I can help you with anything else about working from home, just let me know.

Good bye 2019|Hello 2020

I am no different than anyone else this time of year. My mind is racing. I’m reflecting, not only on the end of the year, but on the end of this century. I think about what I did right, what I did wrong, and what I can improve on. And of course the excitement of the new year brings tons of ideas and lists…. LOTS OF LISTS! Sometimes my dreams are too big, but that’s why they are called dreams. I always push myself to be the best I can be. Because pushing myself makes my business and photography better each year. Am I the best photographer in the world? Probably not, but I want to be the best I can be.  I am a work in progress…. and by progress, I mean I’m moving forward.

Running a business is hard work. Especially when you run it by yourself. I’m getting better at including some behind the scenes images and stories. As hard as it is, I have a lot of fun and I want to share that with you.

Humor is the best way to get through life.  None of us are perfect and not everything we do goes as planned. I primarily work with high school seniors and families. Here is a funny example of life not going exactly as planned, but in the big scheme of things, was funny and ended up just fine…. I was greeting the mom of one of my family portrait sessions this season, as the rest of the family was arriving in multiple cars. (it was a big family) At the same time, the mom and I overheard the daughter say … dad, you wore your flip flops? The mom’s head swung around so fast I’m surprised it didn’t fly off. Yep, the dad ALWAYS wears flip flops. So why would he wear anything different? I paused to see if the dad was going to be burned at the stake, but after a short awkward quiet second, everyone started laughing. The dad has such a cute smile, I’m sure he never really gets in trouble. He was quickly forgiven and we put him in the back to hide his feet. This is why I love families. A family’s little quirks are what make them “them”. (yes, Lauren, I’m talking about YOUR dad)

So, instead of looking backward this year, I’m only looking forward.  I have ALOT to be thankful and grateful for. I am blessed with my health, amazing clients and friends, a prospering business, and a loving family…. which may be growing in the new year. (yes, that was a tease that I’m not ready to elaborate on yet, but I will fill you in VERY soon)

Happy New Year!!!  2020 I’m ready for you!

Happy First Responder’s Day|Carrollton Photographer

I feel like I’m on the border of OVER SHARING…  I’m notoriously private about my personal life and that sometimes bleeds over to my professional side as well. I don’t try to be secretive, I just tend to keep my feelings to myself. I’m trying to open up more because I have had some amazing photo assignments that have hit me pretty hard personally. I should have shared them at the time, but instead, I just completed the assignments and then filed them away. I have to stop doing this because I have the best job anywhere and I want to share it with you.
One shoot in particular hit me extra hard because of the timing. Let me give you a little back story so you understand where I was coming from and why this particular project was a little hard for me. Almost 3 years ago, Mike (my late husband) was in a motorcycle accident. He didn’t make it, but the first responders revived him and transported him to the hospital. He never left the Trauma ICU, but it gave me and my family 10 very long emotional days to adjust to the fact that he wasn’t coming home. Had we lost him right there at the scene of the accident, we would have immediately had to come home alone. I am so grateful to the first responders for giving me and my family that extra time with him.
Whew, okay, so…A couple of years ago I was commissioned to a project for Carrollton Baylor Scott and White Hospital.  It was a tribute to all first responders. Specifically, the ones who service their hospital. The project was called Hometown Heros.  The plan was to start with the area fire departments and then move on the the police department. Unfortunately the budget got cut before we made it to the Police Department.  When Julie, my contact and careflight first responder, first reached out to me, I immediately thought she was an angel coming to give me the opportunity to do something really special to thank the first responders. I accepted the assignment right away. She had no idea that I had just lost my husband.
Julie and I went to several fire stations and photographed the fire fighters and Paramedics. It was really fun because, if you know anyone we refer to as “heros”, they usually are too humble to accept the title. So, we basically had to beg the guys to be photographed. It was really fascinating to get to walk through the fire houses and meet these guys. I could tell right away that they had a special bond. They teased each other as I photographed them. Basically, just the same as you would treat your brothers. It reminded me of how my son is with his army buddies.
Julie and I were at each fire house about an hour.  During a couple of the shoots, they got 911 calls. We got to watch them go from laughing and having a good time, to immediately jumping into their fire boots and pants and speeding off. What I took from these shoots, was the fact that these first responders have to drop what they are doing and get to their destination as fast as possible. In addition to that, they witness terrible accidents, and fires and other emergencies. It’s hard to comprehend how someone does that and then goes home to their own families. They must carry some huge weight on their shoulders. Please join me in thanking all of our first responders. They truly are our hometown heros


If you are a first responder, I’d love to continue this project as a personal assignment. I’d love to photograph you in your uniform either on location somewhere or in the studio. We can toss around some ideas when you call.
To make it easy, fill out the form below and I will contact you! Thank you for your service.

Happy 25th Anniversary Texas Tradition Photography|Carrollton, Texas

Yes, We are celebrating! And we want you to join us.

It might surprise you to find out that I’ve never popped a bottle of champagne. How is that possible? Well, photographers are always photographing the person shooting that stream of happiness across the room. (I am very good at dodging that cork)

In honor of Texas Tradition Photography’s 25th anniversary, I decided to try something new. Thank you to my friends Sandy and Kevin for helping me pull this off. Sandy from Sandra Lynch Photography guided me in opening the bottles (it took two) and captured the craziness as it unfolded. It was quite entertaining watching my hilarious attempts to make the champagne spew. And also a big thank you to my friend Kevin from Stuff in the Ruff for creating an amazing winter wonderland background out of my plain brown door.

Check out this slideshow to join in the fun.



I thought Digital Photography was supposed to speed things up.

So did I! Back in the olden dinosaur days, (pre-digital) A photographer had to run down to the local professional photography store to purchase film. Then they had to take their time creating amazing images.  After the session, they took the film out of their camera and sent it to the lab for processing and proofing. When the proofs came back, about a week later, we met with the client, showed them the proofs and then placed the order. If there was a hair out of place or a trash can in the background, it was fine. The image was finished at that point.

Fast forward to digital. No, we don’t have to pay for film or processing.  We don’t even have to wait to see the image. It instantly appears on the back of the camera. However, we do have to have a super fast computer to accommodate the huge files and our huge processing and editing software.  And since we don’t have a limit on how many frames we can take per roll of film, we tend to over shoot. Our mindset has shifted to “I’ll fix it in post” . So after our session, the photographer, herself, has to process the images through lightroom and prep them for viewing and ordering. This process requires an additional monitor for the client to view the images. So, in addition to this extra time for the photographer to prep your “proof” images, once your place your order, the photographer now has to “fix” all the small details to make the image perfect.

Personally, I would not go back to film. Digital has opened up so many wonderful doors for photographers and consumers.  But, once you are able to understand how digital photography has changed the game for professional photographers, you can maybe understand their hesitation when you need just that one image by tomorrow. It takes more time than you think.

Senior, Family, Business and Event Photographer in Carrollton

I have been told over and over by industry leaders that in order for a Photography business to survive, I have to specialize in one type of photography.  Can you even imagine doing the same thing over and over, year after year?  NO! I can’t either.  No wonder some photographers experience burn out and just decide to quit.  I LOVE being a photographer.  I’m certainly not a rebel, or even a very opinionated type of person.  However, I do know what I like and what I want and have resisted the urge to listen to advice that just didn’t seem to fit my personality or my goals for my business.

In January of next year, 2019, Texas Tradition Photography will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary!  And I can tell you with the most certainty that I specialize in photographing people. I specialize in High School Seniors Photography, studio and location Family Portraits, Business Portraits and Personal Branding, and of course special events like Wedding Photography and Dance Schools and life’s milestones.

So, as I gear up to celebrate this amazing milestone in my business and my life (I am also turning 50 in 2019), I find myself happy exactly where I am.


Life is Spectacular!

There is something spectacular about life… what am I saying? LIFE is spectacular!  About a year and a half ago, my life came to a screeching halt. I felt like I was standing still while the world just kept on going.  Have you ever felt like that?  Not to get too deep, but it really gets you thinking.

Have you heard that saying… We are not promised tomorrow.  I hear that in my head every day.  So, now I try to slow down and take it all in. I eat lunch on the patio, I think really hard before saying no to an invitation out and I put my family first more than ever before… especially my mom and dad.

I’m normally a little shy and keep to myself, but the NEW me… the one after my life started turning again, is a little more outgoing and accepting of change.  Life is going to keep moving. Enjoy your friends and family.  And if you do find yourself in a situation where you are not moving but the world is… just remember to take one step at a time and eventually you will catch back up with the world.  Who knows, you just might even find yourself skipping.