Wrapping up the summer of 2020

Back in March I thought the days would never end. Now, there just aren’t enough hours in each day to get everything accomplished. Our dance school photography got pushed back because of Covid-19. In fact, earlier in the summer we weren’t even sure that the dance recitals would actually happen.

However, out of our 5 amazing dance schools, we have already photographed 3 of them and have one to go. (one decided on a virtual only option, so we didn’t do pictures). The kids were SO happy to just be there. They looked as cute as ever in their costumes.

We did have to make some major changes in the way we approach our dance school (and team) photography to comply with the CDC’s recommendations for safety.  We had to go completely paperless. We had to implement a system where we eliminated order forms and in person payments. This took a lot of extra work on my end, but it proved to be much better for the parents.  And going forward, we will continue this new process for future teams and large groups.

We also had to extend our photography days so we had more time in between each group. Plus, we eliminated one employee so we had less people in the room.

Even though we had to make a lot of major changes, we were still able to provide the same great dance photography.  Take a look at these…












Texas Tradition Photography and Dance schools make the perfect couple

I tend to disappear during dance school recital season. It’s a quick season for us, about 2 months total, but it pretty much shuts us down for anything that ISN’T related to dance. We photograph 5 dance schools, edit, organize and deliver all within about 2 months.  Now that’s ALOT of work for a studio that only employees ONE full time person… yes, that’s me!

But, aside from the long hours, IT IS SO MUCH FUN! The kids are always fun and playful and extremely talented.  Here are some behind the scenes images.  I have more coming, so stay tuned.


Senior, Family, Business and Event Photographer in Carrollton

I have been told over and over by industry leaders that in order for a Photography business to survive, I have to specialize in one type of photography.  Can you even imagine doing the same thing over and over, year after year?  NO! I can’t either.  No wonder some photographers experience burn out and just decide to quit.  I LOVE being a photographer.  I’m certainly not a rebel, or even a very opinionated type of person.  However, I do know what I like and what I want and have resisted the urge to listen to advice that just didn’t seem to fit my personality or my goals for my business.

In January of next year, 2019, Texas Tradition Photography will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary!  And I can tell you with the most certainty that I specialize in photographing people. I specialize in High School Seniors Photography, studio and location Family Portraits, Business Portraits and Personal Branding, and of course special events like Wedding Photography and Dance Schools and life’s milestones.

So, as I gear up to celebrate this amazing milestone in my business and my life (I am also turning 50 in 2019), I find myself happy exactly where I am.


This Dallas Dance Photographer takes on Dance Schools!

If you’ve talked to us lately you know that we’ve been busy busy busy! We’ve had the opportunity to photograph five great dance schools this year!

First we went to Edge Dance:



They were fantastic! Their props and set pieces made for fantastic images with awesome pops of color.

Then we went to Dance Industry:



We absolutely fell in love with their teachers! They such perfectionists that we barely had anything to improve on.

Then it was time for us to go to McKinney Dance Academy!



We were lucky enough to photgraphy McKinney Dance Academy last year, so we already knew that they were amazing! Dari definitely runs a tight ship over there, but the result is undeniably great!

Then we hopped over to see Center for Dance!



Center for Dance always has beautiful costumes, and they’re always in bright colors! We’re pretty biased towards vivid costumes, they just photograph so well.

Then we made our final stop at A Body in Motion!



A Body in Motion is a brand new dance school in Downtown Carrollton, and we know they’re going to grow fast! They were a great bunch to photograph! It was the perfect way to end our dance school season.

We’re so excited to have been a part of so many dance schools, and we can’t wait to photograph them again!

Now, it wouldn’t truly be a dance school post without a funny picture of Alyssa, so here’s another one!



If I didn’t know better I’d think she didn’t work!

McKinney Dance Academy dancers – North Dallas Dance Photographer

Check out this poster we created with the dancers at McKinney Dance Academy.  The girls are super talented. We really enjoyed photographing their studio this year.  It was our first year and the entire school (and parents) are fantastic!! Thank you Dari.  We will see you next year. If you’d like to check out their dance school (which I highly recommend) you can go to their website for details. Mckinney Dance Academy

Dance photography in Carrollton