Can I bring my Pets to my Portrait Session?|Carrollton Photographer

Carrollton Family Portrait
I  get asked this question all the time…YES pets are part of the family! However, if your pets shed, bring along a lent roller! Be creative, you can also take this opportunity to get your pet a new collar or scarf to match your clothing. 
We are having a blast photographing all of these family portraits… and the weather has held up pretty well. Our $25 Anniversary special will last for ONE MORE WEEK.  Next week I will be doing a final call.  So, if you plan to schedule your family portrait session during Portraits in the Park or Home for the Holidays, Call VERY soon. Once it’s over, IT’S OVER.
Keep reading below to find out how you can schedule your 2019 Family Portrait session.
Thank you for reading, Lisa
Happy 25th Anniversary Texas Tradition Photography
Yes, We are celebrating! And we want you to join us.
It might surprise you to find out that I’ve never popped a bottle of champagne.  How is that possible? Well, photographers are always photographing the person shooting that stream of happiness across the room. (I am very good at dodging that cork)
In honor of Texas Tradition Photography’s 25th anniversary, I decided to try something new.  Thank you to my friends Sandy and Kevin for helping me pull this off.  Sandy from Sandra Lynch Photography guided me in opening the bottles (it took two) and captured the craziness as it unfolded.  It was quite entertaining watching my hilarious attempts to make the champagne spew.  And also a big thank you to my friend Kevin from Stuff in the Ruff for creating an amazing winter wonderland background out of my plain brown door.
As promised, today we are announcing our Portrait in the Park and Home for the Holiday dates. If you are new to our Texas Tradition Photography family, you can check out our website for more info on these two amazing events.
Portrait in the Park
($79 session fee)
Saturday November 9th (1 appointment time left)
Sunday November 10th (3 appointment times left)
Saturday November 23rd (2 appointment times left)
Home for the Holidays
($99 session fee)
Wednesday November 27th
Friday November 29th
the entire month of December
Here is the part about YOU! So perk up!
For a very limited time, we are including YOU in our 25th anniversary by offering a Portrait in the Park session for $25 PLUS $25 off your portrait order. (for those of you NOT paying attention, that equals FREE)
The details are simple!
Grab your calendar
Pick a Portrait in the Park date
Follow these steps
1. Call 972-492-2983 or email us to schedule your session (or fill out the form below)
2. Pay the $25 session fee (you will receive a $25 credit toward your portrait order)
3. extend our special to a friend and receive an additional $25 credit toward your order
4. Start planning your clothing. (let me know if you need help)

Happy First Responder’s Day|Carrollton Photographer

I feel like I’m on the border of OVER SHARING…  I’m notoriously private about my personal life and that sometimes bleeds over to my professional side as well. I don’t try to be secretive, I just tend to keep my feelings to myself. I’m trying to open up more because I have had some amazing photo assignments that have hit me pretty hard personally. I should have shared them at the time, but instead, I just completed the assignments and then filed them away. I have to stop doing this because I have the best job anywhere and I want to share it with you.
One shoot in particular hit me extra hard because of the timing. Let me give you a little back story so you understand where I was coming from and why this particular project was a little hard for me. Almost 3 years ago, Mike (my late husband) was in a motorcycle accident. He didn’t make it, but the first responders revived him and transported him to the hospital. He never left the Trauma ICU, but it gave me and my family 10 very long emotional days to adjust to the fact that he wasn’t coming home. Had we lost him right there at the scene of the accident, we would have immediately had to come home alone. I am so grateful to the first responders for giving me and my family that extra time with him.
Whew, okay, so…A couple of years ago I was commissioned to a project for Carrollton Baylor Scott and White Hospital.  It was a tribute to all first responders. Specifically, the ones who service their hospital. The project was called Hometown Heros.  The plan was to start with the area fire departments and then move on the the police department. Unfortunately the budget got cut before we made it to the Police Department.  When Julie, my contact and careflight first responder, first reached out to me, I immediately thought she was an angel coming to give me the opportunity to do something really special to thank the first responders. I accepted the assignment right away. She had no idea that I had just lost my husband.
Julie and I went to several fire stations and photographed the fire fighters and Paramedics. It was really fun because, if you know anyone we refer to as “heros”, they usually are too humble to accept the title. So, we basically had to beg the guys to be photographed. It was really fascinating to get to walk through the fire houses and meet these guys. I could tell right away that they had a special bond. They teased each other as I photographed them. Basically, just the same as you would treat your brothers. It reminded me of how my son is with his army buddies.
Julie and I were at each fire house about an hour.  During a couple of the shoots, they got 911 calls. We got to watch them go from laughing and having a good time, to immediately jumping into their fire boots and pants and speeding off. What I took from these shoots, was the fact that these first responders have to drop what they are doing and get to their destination as fast as possible. In addition to that, they witness terrible accidents, and fires and other emergencies. It’s hard to comprehend how someone does that and then goes home to their own families. They must carry some huge weight on their shoulders. Please join me in thanking all of our first responders. They truly are our hometown heros


If you are a first responder, I’d love to continue this project as a personal assignment. I’d love to photograph you in your uniform either on location somewhere or in the studio. We can toss around some ideas when you call.
To make it easy, fill out the form below and I will contact you! Thank you for your service.

YES! It’s Family Portrait in the Park Season|Carrollton Professional Photographer

Jiranek_0832Yes! You all know how excited I get during Portrait in the Park season.  For those of you who are new, once a year (during the fall) we have our biggest Portrait event called Portraits in the Park.  We schedule families one right after another at the same park. These are not mini sessions. They are full blown family portrait sessions. We just maximize our time by planning them all on certain days.  This is especially a popular time since kids will be home from college and the portraits will be ready just in time for the holidays.

Portrait in the Park ($79 session fee)

Sunday October 13th

Saturday November 9th

Sunday November 10th

Saturday November 23rd

Home for the Holidays ($99 session fee)

Wednesday November 27th

Friday November 29th

the entire month of December

What?! Is it fall already? Yes, and not to startle you or anything, but Thanksgiving is just 8 weeks away and Christmas is a mere 12 weeks from now. Don’t panic, we can help with all of your gift giving needs.  There is no better gift than a gift that keeps on giving forever. Yep, I’m talking about a family portrait.

For a very limited time, we are including YOU in our 25th Anniversary by offering a Portrait in the Park session for $25 PLUS $25 off your portrait order. (for those of you NOT paying attention, that equals FREE)


The details are simple! Grab your calendar and pick a Portrait in the Park date

Follow these steps

  1.  Call 972-492-2983 or email us to schedule your session
  2. Pay the $25 session fee (you will receive a $25 credit toward your portrait order)
  3. extend our special to a friend and receive an additional $25 credit toward your order
  4. Start planning your clothing. (let me know if you need help)

To make it even easier, fill out this form.


What is Hot and Sweet and makes you feel warm and cuddly inside?

YES!!! Hot Chocolate!

It’s ready… our AMAZING, ONE OF A KIND, HOT CHOCOLATE STAND! We created this Limited Edition Portrait set just for YOU! And I can’t wait for you to see it.

This is your formal invitation to join us in our exclusive Hot Chocolate Stand on Thursday, November 29th or Saturday, December 1st. Yes, that is ONLY TWO DAYS! So, call us today or email us using the form below to schedule your appointment. Once we are full, we are closing the stand until next year.

Here are the details:  Session fee $25 (we will be donating the ENTIRE session fee to Metrocrest Services). |The session is for 1-2 kids.  (additional kids are $10 each) | The set is ideal for kids who are able to sit up and older | You will view and order your images immediately after your session | Yes, your portrait order will be back in about a week… just in time for Holiday gifts.

What should you wear? This set is perfect for winter outfits, sweaters and boots, coats and hats, mittens and scarves, and even pajamas! Be creative and show your personality.  Feel free to bring along a special teddy bear, blanket or even your own holiday mugs.

Are you ready? Call us or contact us using the form below to reserve your appointment time. Hurry, once we fill up, we are closing the stand.

Portrait in the Park Family Event| serving Carrollton, Frisco, Plano and surrounding areas.

Life seems to be moving so fast that I tend to overlook stuff… occasionally. Okay, a little more than just occasionally.  So, just in case you are like me, I wanted to remind you about our upcoming 2018 Portrait in the Park Events.

We’ve made it super simple for you!

  1. choose a date below that works for you and your family
  2. give us a call or email to schedule your session.  972-492-2983 or
  3. decide on your clothing (read our previous post, check out our website for samples, and/or give us a call and we will be happy to help you)
  4. We’ll see you at our portrait session.

Robly_PortraitInTheParkB_ 20182018 Family Portrait Event

What Should We Wear For Our Family Portrait?

I get asked all the time “what should we wear for our family portrait?” Well, this is a great time to discuss this since family portrait season is FAST APPROACHING!! What am I saying? Family portrait season IS HERE!!

A great family portrait begins with a great family portrait session.  And the way to achieve that, is to start planning RIGHT NOW! So, before you go any further, give us a call and get on our calendar for either our Portrait in the Park Event or our Home for the Holiday Event.  Details for both of these events are on our website.

Now, let’s talk about clothing.  First, think about where you plan to hang your portrait. Will it be in your relaxed family or game room? Or will it be in a more formal room? That will help us set the style.  Going formal or casual in your dress, will depend on where the portraits will hang and what style you prefer.  After that, choose a color pallet that will go with, or compliment that room.

Now, let’s say you have no idea where your portraits will hang.  No problem!  Just choose colors that look good on your family and will stand the test of time.

To start, you might have a great dress or shirt that you LOVE and want to wear for the portrait. Great, let’s call this our inspiration piece.  An inspiration piece will give you a place to start.  Pull out a couple of colors from your inspiration piece and have everyone wear those colors.

Let’s say you LOVE blue. Everyone can wear jeans and a different shade of blue for their top.  Or have the grown ups wear similar dark blue tops and the kids wear different shades of blue.  Don’t be afraid of prints or to add a third color to your pallet.  Be creative and add a little bit of your personality to spice things up.

I hope this is some good information.  If you still need help, give me a call.  That’s what I’m here for.  I have included some samples below of some families who nailed it!  You can also check out our website for some other examples.

Don’t delay, send us a note below and we will contact you about scheduling your 2018 family portrait. Talk to you soon,  Lisa


Senior, Family, Business and Event Photographer in Carrollton

I have been told over and over by industry leaders that in order for a Photography business to survive, I have to specialize in one type of photography.  Can you even imagine doing the same thing over and over, year after year?  NO! I can’t either.  No wonder some photographers experience burn out and just decide to quit.  I LOVE being a photographer.  I’m certainly not a rebel, or even a very opinionated type of person.  However, I do know what I like and what I want and have resisted the urge to listen to advice that just didn’t seem to fit my personality or my goals for my business.

In January of next year, 2019, Texas Tradition Photography will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary!  And I can tell you with the most certainty that I specialize in photographing people. I specialize in High School Seniors Photography, studio and location Family Portraits, Business Portraits and Personal Branding, and of course special events like Wedding Photography and Dance Schools and life’s milestones.

So, as I gear up to celebrate this amazing milestone in my business and my life (I am also turning 50 in 2019), I find myself happy exactly where I am.