Happy 25th Anniversary Texas Tradition Photography|Carrollton, Texas

Yes, We are celebrating! And we want you to join us.

It might surprise you to find out that I’ve never popped a bottle of champagne. How is that possible? Well, photographers are always photographing the person shooting that stream of happiness across the room. (I am very good at dodging that cork)

In honor of Texas Tradition Photography’s 25th anniversary, I decided to try something new. Thank you to my friends Sandy and Kevin for helping me pull this off. Sandy from Sandra Lynch Photography guided me in opening the bottles (it took two) and captured the craziness as it unfolded. It was quite entertaining watching my hilarious attempts to make the champagne spew. And also a big thank you to my friend Kevin from Stuff in the Ruff for creating an amazing winter wonderland background out of my plain brown door.

Check out this slideshow to join in the fun.



Wall Portrait Clusters- A Carrollton Professional Family Photographer’s Suggestion for Beautiful Wall Art

What do we LOVE this holiday season? Texas Tradition Photography Wall Portrait Clusters! Several wall portraits designed to hang together creates a Wall Portrait Cluster. A cluster is a fun and modern way to decorate your home.

Here’s a peek at some of our favorite clusters:

Portrait ClusterThe Arcemont girls always look fantastic in their portraits! We designed their wall portrait cluster using an 8×10 of each girl and a 24×30 of all the girls together. This layout is great for a traditional feel with an updated look.

Family Portrait ClusterFor the Kimball family cluster, we wanted to highlight their three adorable boys. Can you just imagine raising three young boys? We wanted to protray a feeling of love and closeness, but also the fun and energy we know these young boys have. We used a 6×6 individual of each boy (running in the reflecting pool of course!), a 24×24 of the three boys together, and a 36×36 of the whole family. This configuration is great because you have a beautiful family portrait on the right, and TONS of personality on the left!

Family Portrait ClusterWe LOVE the Bimmerle family. Hank and Eli are die hard Texas Tradition fans. (and so are their parents)!  We used a 16×24 of each boy and a 20×24 of the whole family for thier wall cluster. This wall cluster will actually hang above the couch at Texas Tradition Photography!

Not sure what sizes you want for your portrait cluster? Take a picture of your space and measure, then bring it to your appointment. We’re always happy to help design custom portrait cluster for your home!

The Sanchez Family 2012 – Carrollton Family Photography

Here are a few images from the Sanchez family portrait session.  We met at a beautiful greenbelt park in Carrollton. It was a hot day, but just perfect for this family portrait session. Andrea, the oldest daughter, was one of our 2013 senior models. We had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy their portraits as much as we do.

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I’m always up to something…

Over the years the photography industry has changed SO much! It seems like there is always something new to learn. When I have free time, (ha ha) I usually choose to clean house, spend time with my family or read the stack of photography magazines I have sitting in the nook by my bedroom.  Well, this weekend I had (took) time to do all three.

My husband, daughter and I went to see the movie Brave.  It was super cute. We haven’t seen a move in a really long time so it was good to get out.  But, as I was sitting there with my super cute 3D glasses on, I couldn’t help be notice all of the information that was being thrown at me. There were posters on the walls and cute little cut out signs and adorable animated commercials on the big screen. It was hard to relax with all of that going on but it was interesting to see how much NEW information gets thrown at us in such a short amount of time. The remarkable thing about it was that even my 9 year old daughter retained a lot of it. She came home talking about the funny little songs they sang before the show even started.

Usually I’m not always thinking about ME, but I am always thinking about Texas Tradition Photography. So, I wondered how all of this information could possible relate to my business. And then it hit me. We do a lot of fun things around here, but unless you show up for the fun, you almost never hear about it. The bunnies come and go, the senior sessions come and go… the weddings, the newborns, dance schools… I am having SO much fun and it seems like no one knows.

So, that brings me to this NEW blog.  I’m not an amazing writer or anything like that, but I do want to share my passion for photography with you. So, if you are interested in hearing about the adventures of a girl with a passion for photography…. from a little town in Dallas, then follow along.