Do you need help choosing a Professional Senior Photographer in the DFW area?

Are you overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make as a senior? Let us help. We have a guide to help you know what to look for in choosing the right professional photographer for YOU!

Wrapping up the summer of 2020

Back in March I thought the days would never end. Now, there just aren’t enough hours in each day to get everything accomplished. Our dance school photography got pushed back because of Covid-19. In fact, earlier in the summer we weren’t even sure that the dance recitals would actually happen.

However, out of our 5 amazing dance schools, we have already photographed 3 of them and have one to go. (one decided on a virtual only option, so we didn’t do pictures). The kids were SO happy to just be there. They looked as cute as ever in their costumes.

We did have to make some major changes in the way we approach our dance school (and team) photography to comply with the CDC’s recommendations for safety.  We had to go completely paperless. We had to implement a system where we eliminated order forms and in person payments. This took a lot of extra work on my end, but it proved to be much better for the parents.  And going forward, we will continue this new process for future teams and large groups.

We also had to extend our photography days so we had more time in between each group. Plus, we eliminated one employee so we had less people in the room.

Even though we had to make a lot of major changes, we were still able to provide the same great dance photography.  Take a look at these…












It’s time to schedule your 2021 Senior Portrait Session| North Dallas Senior Photographer

Here we go again!! The start of another AMAZING senior year. This time it’s for our 2021 seniors. We gathered up a few great kids to model for us and we are off and running.

Are you bored in the house?

Are you full of energy and ready to burst?

Are you ready to get your 2021 Senior year started?

So are we!

Intrigued? CLICK HERE

Are you ready to schedule a call to chat about how we can make your 2021 Senior Portrait Experience exactly what you deserve? Send us a note below and we will contact you.

Tips for working from home

I wouldn’t call myself an expert at many things, but I have been working from home for 20 years and that puts me right up there with the big dogs. I thought I would share some helpful tips and company policies that have helped me adjust to life at home.

  1. Create a dedicated work space. Keep it free from personal things and distractions. I have an office up stairs, so I can shut the door when I’m “closed”. It is also good to teach your “co-workers” that when you are in your work space, you need to focus and have few to no interruptions.CoWorkerHeader-1
  2. Start your morning just like you would if you were headed somewhere else to work.  Get up at the same time every day, do your morning workout, shower, get dressed and make your bed. This might sound silly since you are working from home and you are not allowed to have any visitors. However, keeping a schedule and getting all dolled up makes you feel good about yourself and starts your day off on a positive note. (and when you come home from work, it is always comforting to get into a made up bed.

    3. One of my distractions is house work. So, I have found, that if I do about 30 minutes of house work every morning before I go to my office, I won’t be thinking about it all day. This also includes deciding what is for dinner and either taking it out of the freezer or putting something in the crock pot.

    4. One VERY hard thing to learn is that you only eat at regular scheduled meals.  When I go upstairs to my office, I take a glass (with a lid) of water with me. I don’t snack before lunch, so if I’m hungry early, I just go down and eat lunch early. After lunch, I ALWAYS need a snack. And by snack I mean CHOCOLATE. But, I don’t take it upstairs with me after lunch.  I make myself walk back down the stairs to get it. That is just  something I do to “justify” eating my chocolate… I at least took an extra trip down the stairs for it.

5. Focus, I try not to do personal stuff during work time. Now, on days when my                   brain is tired, or it is REALLY  beautiful outside, I will finish work early and take                 some personal time. The last picture is me learning the tictok dance up the stairs.

I hope this helps. I know working from home is a big adjustment. But, be grateful that you have that opportunity. The alternative is probably to be laid off and that would be worse. (I’m actually somewhere in the middle). My business is considered non-essential so I’m not allowed to leave the house to photograph, but I can still work. (which doesn’t bring in any income) If I can help you with anything else about working from home, just let me know.

Help, I’m stuck at home.

As we are all starting to feel cooped up and restless, let’s count our blessings. Everyone has blessings. If you wake up every day, that’s a blessing. If you wake up to shelter, food and people who love you, those are HUGE blessings. You are not alone. We are all in this together. If you are starting to feel alone or like you are going to hog tie your children (or spouse), call a friend instead. Don’t text, or PM, but call them on the phone. It helps just to hear a friendly voice. Maybe you just need to vent and then you will feel better.

Here are some things I have done so far while being stuck at home. (which is also my workplace)

I exercise EVERY DAY with , I read books, work on photo ideas, call my friends and family, clean my house, clean the pool, read VERY OLD emails, watch Hallmark channel and Netflix, play with my doggy, play board games with my daughter, take a walk… Oh, and I downloaded Tic Tok on my phone and learned some dances… that didn’t go very well, I hurt my foot.

Next up, I bought a smoke machine on Amazon Prime and I’m going to practice making sports photos in the camera room. I’m sure my daughter will be happy to hear this since she is the only one in the house to use as a model. If she won’t play with me, I’ll have to enlist my doggy.

Another idea that we will do soon is to bake home made from scratch cinnamon rolls. Ohhhh that sounds good. So, come on, join me, let’s get creative.

North Dallas Senior Photographer is offering a little luck on St. Patty’s Day.

St. Patty’s Day isn’t just for beads and green tea!  It’s also for your 2020 High School Senior. If you are looking for creative yet classic senior photography, you have come to the right place.  We bridge the gap between High School Seniors and their parents.  We can make you both happy!  We LOVE crazy, playful, FULL personality style images that we know our seniors crave, but we also adore catching classic portraits that we know the parents will cherish for decades. Yes, you can have both.


Enter to win. Good Luck!

Need an incentive to schedule your 2020 Senior Portrait Session?

We’ve got you covered! Do you want multiple looks? Do you want to be photographed both in the studio and on location? Do you want a more “influencer” style shoot? Or maybe you don’t like to be photographed but will agree to a quick and painless portrait session. Whatever it is, we’ve got it.

Senior year seems to roll pretty quickly after the holidays. It’s a wonder parents and teens are able to fit it all in! But, the one thing you just can’t let slide is your Senior Portrait Session. This is it! This is YOUR Senior year. You will want to remember your fun and playful personality and your stylish clothes. When your parents look back on  your senior portraits, their hearts will burst with pride and love.

We’ve got an irresistible offer for you. We are giving away UNLIMITED sessions at this value from now until the end of March 2020. The $99 Senior Portrait Special will include up to 90 minutes both in the studio and on location with up to 5 outfit changes.  And as an added bonus, we will gift you $50 in studio portrait credit plus our FREE custom social sharing phone app with all your ordered images. (value$130) Did I mention IRRESISTIBLE?


We are here for you! Call Lisa today! 972-492-2983 or fill out the form below to get started via email.

Since this is an unlimited offer, please share this with your friends and family.

I have a NEW Valentine.

This is CRAZY and might come as a complete surprise to most of you.  I have a NEW Valentine. I have kept him a secret for a couple of years, but not because I haven’t wanted to share him. He is a super cute amazing guy.  In fact, I married him a couple of weeks ago.  YES, I GOT MARRIED!! His name is Greg and he makes me VERY happy.

Cheers to new beginnings!


Check out this sweet deal from Dallas Senior Photographer | Texas Tradition Photography

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your sweetheart.  It’s also for your 2020 High School Senior. If you are looking for creative yet classic senior photography, you have come to the right place.  We bridge the gap between High School Seniors and their parents.  We can make you both happy!  We LOVE crazy, playful, FULL personality style images that we know our seniors crave, but we also adore catching classic portraits that we know the parents will cherish for decades. Yes, you can have both.


Enter to win. Good Luck!


Are you a North Dallas 2021 Senior? We are looking for you!

Do you have…

…a fun personality?

…like to try new things?

…love to be photographed?

…like to be part of a social group?


Then keep reading!!


We are SO excited to be accepting applications for our 2021 Senior Model Street Team. (the deadline to apply is January 30th) We have had a team of senior models for the past 19 years. Our street team has been a huge part of connecting amazing seniors, like yourself, with Texas Tradition Photography.  And this year will be no different.

2021 is going to be incredible!!

What exactly is a Senior Model Street Team? Our street team is a select group of exceptional 2021 seniors who love to meet new people and be social. Our models love to be photographed and have great ideas that they bring to the team. Our street team keeps me up to date on what’s important to seniors. They are the face of my business.


When you say “meet new people and be social” what does that mean? Great question! Our team is made up of seniors from various high schools around the North Dallas area. After multiple shoots and parties, you will become friends with your fellow models. You will have a blast sharing stories and experiences both in person and on social media.

Is there a fee? Yes, the fee is $175. This is our normal senior session fee. However, as a model, you will receive at least four modeling opportunities and lots of extra goodies in addition to your senior portrait session. We treat our models with extra special sweetness. And did I mention that you will have the opportunity to earn this money (and more) back?

Can you elaborate on the “Extra goodies”? Yes, you will have the opportunity to win additional prizes, cash, gift cards, photo shoots and more throughout the year as additional incentives. Plus you will have Fresh digital images to share for your entire senior year.


This program is designed for 2021 high school seniors that want to be a part of the BEST senior experience in the North Dallas area.  Candidates do not have to look like a model or even want to be a model.  But you do have to have a great personality, be willing to try new things and brag about us every now and then.


Here is the scoop

Our Street Team is required to:

-attend a high school within the North Dallas Metroplex area and be graduating in 2021.

-attend ONE meet and greet meeting with a parent (three to choose from) Feb. 10,11,12 at 6:30pm

-attend a headshot shoot so I can introduce you as a member of our street team. (Sun. March 1st)

– attend ONE mini session/pizza party shoot (3 to choose from) March 9, 10,11 at 5:30pm

-use Texas Tradition Photography as your sole photographer during your senior year

-post on social media frequently about Texas Tradition Photography

-book your senior session with Texas Tradition Photography between June and October of 2020



We don’t want you to miss this AMAZING senior experience. Are you ready?

click here to apply.

Our finalists will be notified by Feb. 5th.

Our final 2021 Model Street Team will be notified by Saturday Feb. 22nd.