Wrapping up the summer of 2020

Back in March I thought the days would never end. Now, there just aren’t enough hours in each day to get everything accomplished. Our dance school photography got pushed back because of Covid-19. In fact, earlier in the summer we weren’t even sure that the dance recitals would actually happen.

However, out of our 5 amazing dance schools, we have already photographed 3 of them and have one to go. (one decided on a virtual only option, so we didn’t do pictures). The kids were SO happy to just be there. They looked as cute as ever in their costumes.

We did have to make some major changes in the way we approach our dance school (and team) photography to comply with the CDC’s recommendations for safety.  We had to go completely paperless. We had to implement a system where we eliminated order forms and in person payments. This took a lot of extra work on my end, but it proved to be much better for the parents.  And going forward, we will continue this new process for future teams and large groups.

We also had to extend our photography days so we had more time in between each group. Plus, we eliminated one employee so we had less people in the room.

Even though we had to make a lot of major changes, we were still able to provide the same great dance photography.  Take a look at these…












Help, I’m stuck at home.

As we are all starting to feel cooped up and restless, let’s count our blessings. Everyone has blessings. If you wake up every day, that’s a blessing. If you wake up to shelter, food and people who love you, those are HUGE blessings. You are not alone. We are all in this together. If you are starting to feel alone or like you are going to hog tie your children (or spouse), call a friend instead. Don’t text, or PM, but call them on the phone. It helps just to hear a friendly voice. Maybe you just need to vent and then you will feel better.

Here are some things I have done so far while being stuck at home. (which is also my workplace)

I exercise EVERY DAY with http://www.beachbody.com , I read books, work on photo ideas, call my friends and family, clean my house, clean the pool, read VERY OLD emails, watch Hallmark channel and Netflix, play with my doggy, play board games with my daughter, take a walk… Oh, and I downloaded Tic Tok on my phone and learned some dances… that didn’t go very well, I hurt my foot.

Next up, I bought a smoke machine on Amazon Prime and I’m going to practice making sports photos in the camera room. I’m sure my daughter will be happy to hear this since she is the only one in the house to use as a model. If she won’t play with me, I’ll have to enlist my doggy.

Another idea that we will do soon is to bake home made from scratch cinnamon rolls. Ohhhh that sounds good. So, come on, join me, let’s get creative.

Happy First Responder’s Day|Carrollton Photographer

I feel like I’m on the border of OVER SHARING…  I’m notoriously private about my personal life and that sometimes bleeds over to my professional side as well. I don’t try to be secretive, I just tend to keep my feelings to myself. I’m trying to open up more because I have had some amazing photo assignments that have hit me pretty hard personally. I should have shared them at the time, but instead, I just completed the assignments and then filed them away. I have to stop doing this because I have the best job anywhere and I want to share it with you.
One shoot in particular hit me extra hard because of the timing. Let me give you a little back story so you understand where I was coming from and why this particular project was a little hard for me. Almost 3 years ago, Mike (my late husband) was in a motorcycle accident. He didn’t make it, but the first responders revived him and transported him to the hospital. He never left the Trauma ICU, but it gave me and my family 10 very long emotional days to adjust to the fact that he wasn’t coming home. Had we lost him right there at the scene of the accident, we would have immediately had to come home alone. I am so grateful to the first responders for giving me and my family that extra time with him.
Whew, okay, so…A couple of years ago I was commissioned to a project for Carrollton Baylor Scott and White Hospital.  It was a tribute to all first responders. Specifically, the ones who service their hospital. The project was called Hometown Heros.  The plan was to start with the area fire departments and then move on the the police department. Unfortunately the budget got cut before we made it to the Police Department.  When Julie, my contact and careflight first responder, first reached out to me, I immediately thought she was an angel coming to give me the opportunity to do something really special to thank the first responders. I accepted the assignment right away. She had no idea that I had just lost my husband.
Julie and I went to several fire stations and photographed the fire fighters and Paramedics. It was really fun because, if you know anyone we refer to as “heros”, they usually are too humble to accept the title. So, we basically had to beg the guys to be photographed. It was really fascinating to get to walk through the fire houses and meet these guys. I could tell right away that they had a special bond. They teased each other as I photographed them. Basically, just the same as you would treat your brothers. It reminded me of how my son is with his army buddies.
Julie and I were at each fire house about an hour.  During a couple of the shoots, they got 911 calls. We got to watch them go from laughing and having a good time, to immediately jumping into their fire boots and pants and speeding off. What I took from these shoots, was the fact that these first responders have to drop what they are doing and get to their destination as fast as possible. In addition to that, they witness terrible accidents, and fires and other emergencies. It’s hard to comprehend how someone does that and then goes home to their own families. They must carry some huge weight on their shoulders. Please join me in thanking all of our first responders. They truly are our hometown heros


If you are a first responder, I’d love to continue this project as a personal assignment. I’d love to photograph you in your uniform either on location somewhere or in the studio. We can toss around some ideas when you call.
To make it easy, fill out the form below and I will contact you! Thank you for your service.

Yes, I’m one of THOSE people|Hallmark Christmas Movies|Carrollton Professional Photographer


I’m not embarrassed to tell you…  that, I am one of those people who watch ALL the Hallmark movies. But I especially look forward to the Countdown to Christmas. Yes they are sappy and they all end the same way… in fact, my daughter has them all dissected. When she walks in the room and I’m watching a Hallmark movie, she asks me if i’m at the part where the main characters meet and don’t like each other (this indicates that I just started the movie) or if there has been a “fall” and a “catch” (this indicates that the couple just started to like each other) or if someone has gotten something on their face and the other person wipes it off (this is about half way through the movie when they realize that they are falling in love).  Now, if I’m to the part where they almost kiss and they get interrupted, then she knows the movie is almost over.
I think the fact that I love to watch these movies, says a lot about me.  First, I must love romance with a fairy tale ending. This makes perfect sense since I photographed weddings for most of my adult life. Happy endings give you hope and something good to look forward to. And second, I love family. The holidays and holiday movies remind me of how special family is to me. The movies remind me to slow down and put family first. Yes, there are always a few crazy people in every family, but that’s what makes families so much fun!
I’m grateful for the gift of my career this time of year.  I love seeing how the holidays bring people together. Which leads us perfectly into FAMILY PORTRAIT SEASON!!
Keep reading below to find out how you can schedule your 2019 Family Portrait session.
Thank you for reading, Lisa
P.S. Thank you De’Anne for giving me these socks!
And Just in case you missed it…
Happy 25th Anniversary Texas Tradition Photography
Yes, We are celebrating! And we want you to join us.
It might surprise you to find out that I’ve never popped a bottle of champagne.  How is that possible? Well, photographers are always photographing the person shooting that stream of happiness across the room. (I am very good at dodging that cork)
In honor of Texas Tradition Photography’s 25th anniversary, I decided to try something new.  Thank you to my friends Sandy and Kevin for helping me pull this off.  Sandy from Sandra Lynch Photography guided me in opening the bottles (it took two) and captured the craziness as it unfolded.  It was quite entertaining watching my hilarious attempts to make the champagne spew.  And also a big thank you to my friend Kevin from Stuff in the Ruff for creating an amazing winter wonderland background out of my plain brown door.
As promised, today we are announcing our Portrait in the Park and Home for the Holiday dates. If you are new to our Texas Tradition Photography family, you can check out our website for more info on these two amazing events.
Portrait in the Park
($79 session fee)
Sunday October 6th
Sunday October 13th
Saturday November 9th
Sunday November 10th
Saturday November 23rd
Home for the Holidays
($99 session fee)
Wednesday November 27th
Friday November 29th
the entire month of December
Here is the part about YOU! So perk up!
For a very limited time, we are including YOU in our 25th anniversary by offering a Portrait in the Park session for $25 PLUS $25 off your portrait order. (for those of you NOT paying attention, that equals FREE)
The details are simple!
Grab your calendar
Pick a Portrait in the Park date
Follow these steps
1. Call 972-492-2983 or email us to schedule your session
2. Pay the $25 session fee (you will receive a $25 credit toward your portrait order)
3. extend our special to a friend and receive an additional $25 credit toward your order
4. Start planning your clothing. (let me know if you need help)

Change is Happening at Texas Tradition Photography|Carrollton, Texas

It’s not a secret any more.  We have been in a season of change for the last couple of years.  I’m not just talking about Texas Tradition Photography or the Manis family, but the entire photography industry.  Which makes perfect sense.  Technology has been improving at a rate faster than most industry people can handle. Unfortunately, if you don’t continue to educate yourself and move forward with technology, you will get left behind.
I don’t mind telling you… I REFUSE TO GET LEFT BEHIND.  I have loved photography since high school and nothing has changed. So, let’s be clear, I’m not going anywhere… well not very far anyway.
After much thought… and I mean MUCH thought, we have decided to downsize our Texas Tradition Photography headquarters.  We have been in this amazing home/studio for 16 years and it has served us well.  However, my family has changed, and my desire to clean WAY more rooms than we use has changed… so… it’s time to for US to change.
If you have driven past our house, you have seen our FOR SALE sign out front  It’s sad, but it’s a sign of progress.  And progress means moving forward.  We don’t know where we are going yet, but it will be somewhere in this area and we will let you know as soon as we know.
We will continue to create our amazing portraits during our transition time.  With the exception of how clean everything is, you might not even notice.
Thank you for reading, Lisa

I thought Digital Photography was supposed to speed things up.

So did I! Back in the olden dinosaur days, (pre-digital) A photographer had to run down to the local professional photography store to purchase film. Then they had to take their time creating amazing images.  After the session, they took the film out of their camera and sent it to the lab for processing and proofing. When the proofs came back, about a week later, we met with the client, showed them the proofs and then placed the order. If there was a hair out of place or a trash can in the background, it was fine. The image was finished at that point.

Fast forward to digital. No, we don’t have to pay for film or processing.  We don’t even have to wait to see the image. It instantly appears on the back of the camera. However, we do have to have a super fast computer to accommodate the huge files and our huge processing and editing software.  And since we don’t have a limit on how many frames we can take per roll of film, we tend to over shoot. Our mindset has shifted to “I’ll fix it in post” . So after our session, the photographer, herself, has to process the images through lightroom and prep them for viewing and ordering. This process requires an additional monitor for the client to view the images. So, in addition to this extra time for the photographer to prep your “proof” images, once your place your order, the photographer now has to “fix” all the small details to make the image perfect.

Personally, I would not go back to film. Digital has opened up so many wonderful doors for photographers and consumers.  But, once you are able to understand how digital photography has changed the game for professional photographers, you can maybe understand their hesitation when you need just that one image by tomorrow. It takes more time than you think.

Here’s to My First Fifty!

Fifty percent, two quarters, half a century, semi centennial… WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY? Let me just spit it out. I turned 50 last week!! Am I sad about it? Heck NO!

I feel blessed to have been on this earth for fifty years.  And although that sounds like a big number, I feel like I’m just getting started.  I know I have so much more to contribute to this world.  So, Here’s to my next fifty!!!!!


Carrollton Senior Photographer|Thankful and Excited

Thank you to everyone who applied to be one of our 2020 Senior models.  All of the seniors who were chosen have been notified. I am SO excited to spend time with them.  This is the FIRST year that we have the same number of guy models as girls.  This is going to be interesting! Stay tuned, we will be announcing our 2020 models soon.

What if… Just because!

With Valentines day just around the corner, it opens us up to telling our special someone how we feel about them.  But… What if… we did this on a regular basis?… just because!

What if… we bought flowers for our special someone… just because!

What if… we took our special someone out to a nice dinner… just because!

What if… we took off work early one night a week to spend extra time with our special someone… just because!

What if… we did some extra chores, or wrote a sweet note, or said “I love you”… just because!

There is no greater gift than friendship and love. Let your special someone know how you feel every day… just because!